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Why You Need to See Your Dentist Often

Not many people enjoy visiting the dentist. While some patients…
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Not many people enjoy visiting the dentist. While some patients enjoy relaxing in the chair and leaving with clean teeth, others don’t like the prodding and scraping that comes with achieving a great smile. However, going to the dentist is an essential part of practicing good health and good dental hygiene. Here’s why you need to go often.





You can prevent potential problems from forming.

Dental cleanings are meant to be preventative. While a doctor might inspect your body and make sure everything is in good working order, your dental care provider goes a step further by actively cleaning and protecting your teeth. The dental hygienist you meet with will scrape off stubborn plaque buildup that could cause cavities and other forms of infection. They can conduct deep cleanings for your gums to prevent gingivitis. They can also do fluoride treatments to give your enamel a boost.


The treatments you get at the dentist are almost impossible to do at home – even with an electric toothbrush and Waterpik. This is why many health plans either include dental coverage or encourage customers to sign up for it. Your dental cleanings can prevent major problems from forming over time. Look at your dental plan to see how many annual cleanings are covered. Most dental coverage plans will cover at least two annual cleanings, though you may need to hit your deductible first. Talk to your insurer about what is covered if you aren’t sure.




Your dentist can catch issues early on.

Regularly preventative treatment through your dental plan can help you identify oral health issues before they become severe. For example, your dental health provider can catch a weak spot in your enamel and recommend steps for at-home care to prevent a cavity from forming.


Early intervention is a top priority for dental health. Catching a problem before it becomes severe can help patients keep their teeth and avoid dental surgery. Not only does this reduce the amount of oral pain that comes from visiting the dentist, but this also helps patients save money. While many procedures are included in dental coverage, some patients may need to out-of-pocket costs that aren’t built in. By taking good care of your teeth, you can avoid these bills.


Dentists can recommend additional services.

There are other dental benefits that come with seeking regular care. Your dentist may recommend additional services to help your mouth. They can connect you to a top orthodontist if you are considering braces or help you get dentures if you’ve lost teeth. They are here for all aspects of oral health, not just your teeth.


Be honest at your dental appointment. Tell your hygienist what is bothering you, where you are in pain, and how you want to improve your smile. They can make suggestions and take steps to help you in any way they can.





Dental technology continues to improve.

If you can’t remember the last time you visited the dentist, you might remember outdated technology and practices that left you numb or in pain. However, dental innovations continue to reach the mass market and to improve the patient experience. For example, if you need a filling, you might not need to make half of your mouth numb with novocaine. Instead, dentists have started using laser technology to numb a single tooth, making the procedure easier and faster for patients.


Give your dental plan another chance. Let them show you how their efforts can improve the health of your mouth and keep you pain-free. Regular visits can prevent pain and expensive procedures, even with the help of dental insurance. Plus, the latest tools might make your visit much more enjoyable and relaxing than before.