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Why 1300 Numbers Are a Good Idea for Your Business

Across Australia, businesses from a wide range of industries realize…
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Across Australia, businesses from a wide range of industries realize the benefits of having 1300 numbers. These business phone numbers are proving to be an essential tool that allows companies to receive inbound calls from all across the country. The 1300 numbers are a nationwide landline phone number that is called from any type of phone. Also known as local call numbers, 1300 numbers allow customers to pay for the cost of a local call while reaching out to a business located anywhere in the country.

As long-distance calling rates have fallen in recent years, it might seem as though 1300 numbers and 1800 toll-free numbers are no longer useful business tools. Aside from the long-distance calling features, however, there are many more ways that businesses benefit from a 1300 number. Nationwide 1300 numbers allow for numerous answering points, which means that they can be routed to mobile phones, business numbers, or other Australian phone numbers. The flexibility of numerous answering points means that inbound numbers can be answered anywhere at any time. Incoming calls are not restricted to business hours, scheduling, or staff availability.

In Australia, businesses are the powerhouse of the economy and drive successes well beyond the boundaries of the country. Growing and improving businesses contribute to the overall success of the Australian economy. These 1300 numbers can boost customer service, improve credibility, help with branding and marketing, and promote business growth. Let’s take a look at why 1300 numbers are a good idea for your business.

Customer Service


A great business tool, 1300 numbers allow businesses to prioritize customer service and engagement. With multiple answering point capabilities, calls can be routed to available employees and representatives at any time. This can expand your business hours and customer service availability. Additionally, 1300 numbers provide businesses with a single phone number but can allow calls to be routed to the appropriate places based on their location. You can also receive instant notifications for voice messages giving you the ability to monitor activity from any location. Improved customer service capabilities are among the key business benefits of 1300 numbers.

Branding and Marketing

Along with the benefit of improved customer service, these numbers can be part of a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy. A 1300 business number allows companies to improve marketing by tracking the performance of promotions and advertisements. Numbers allow for log information to see where calls are coming from and how marketing strategies are performing. Businesses can also customize numbers to help with branding. As an example, a pest control company might have a business phone number that is 1300 BYE BUG. Numbers can be associated with specific companies through customization options.



An important aspect of running a successful business is instilling confidence in your customer base that you are a competent and reliable company. Having a 1300 Australian phone number can enhance the image of any company and allow you to build a business reputation with higher credibility. You will be able to advertise the same number across the country and help promote the idea that your business is nationally recognized. A business number will also give potential customers the idea that you are a large and well-established company capable of handling their needs.

A 1300 business number can be a very effective business tool that allows callers from across the country to reach your company at any time. Many savvy businesses have realized the benefits of subscribing to 1300 numbers and using them to grow their companies. From improved customer service capabilities and business branding to a boost in perceived corporate reputation, 1300 numbers are a good idea for any organization.