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Who Benefits From CPQ Visualization Software?

As technology improves with every passing year, companies find ways…
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As technology improves with every passing year, companies find ways to use these tools to grow their businesses. In some cases, they hope to use this tech to make their customer’s shopping experiences easier. On other fronts, they hope that their sales reps can use these advancements to sell their products.

One piece of software that’s helping on both these fronts is visualization software. We’ll uncover who benefits from the use of such software.

CPQ Visualization Defined


It helps to have an idea of what CPQ visualization software is before deciding who benefits from this technology. With visual configuration, you’re custom-configuring products through collaborative 2D or 3D visualizations. When you use visual configuration software to create a configured product, this software is making it possible for sales reps or customers to be involved in an immersive shopping or sales experience. Customers and sales reps are usually the main individuals who are benefiting from the use of such software.

CPQ visualization comes in a variety of different forms. Using a visual configurator, you can view products in real time through virtual reality, real-time 3D, and real-time 2D. Each form of product visualization brings its own rewards. In the case of real-time 3D, a customer is provided with lightweight, interactive 3D visualization. The models that are created by this type of product visualization software can be assembled instantaneously, letting customers choose different options.

For real-time 2D product visualization, customer satisfaction is raised even further. This complex configuration tool provides customers with an opportunity to interact with products without having to use heavy equipment software such as 3D or CAD (computer-aided design). The 2D visualization tool provides customers with an opportunity to zoom in on small parts of their customized product and pan across large drawings. This visual product configurator also enhances the customer experience by allowing them to change various components by simply clicking on them.

Technology industry leaders such as Configure One have figured out the best way to use product visualization software. This is all done in the hope of improving the shopping experience for customers, and the sales potential for sales reps. We’ll break down these numerous benefits for each party.


We’ve begun delving into how product visualization tools such as 3D visualization software and 2D visualization can help customers. One of the benefits of using this technology is that a customer has more freedom to customize a product based on what they want. These tools can be used on a variety of fronts. Maybe a customer is building a car through an online car retailer. Or maybe they’re performing digital interior decorating for their home.

Product visualization software gives a customer the ability to specify any custom changes based on their preferences. The CPQ experience provides customers with expert guidance, configuration confidence, personalization options for their products, and actionable results. When you provide a customer with different options, it enhances the overall customer experience. You’re putting the decision-making process in their hands during the sales process. These are but a few of the benefits that customers experience when using visualization software.

Sales Reps


Visual product configurators also benefit salespeople. The software helps with generating leads and accelerating the sales cycle. When you’re able to transfer existing CAD files onto interactive 3D models, this can help to keep the interests of your potential customers. Salespeople can also enhance the buying experience by showing product information with a variety of visualization tools.

In addition, CPQ visualizations can help save time during the sales process by limiting the time needed for quoting. It eliminates the need to engage drafting teams or CAD teams for drawings, which can all be done via 2D visualization. Another benefit includes a sales rep using this tool to allow the visuals of their product visualization tools to confirm the accuracy of what’s being bought. There are many benefits that sales reps can experience when using CPQ configurator software.