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What to Do If a Loved One Is Killed in a Fatal Car Accident

The statistics and data provided by the Centers for Disease Control…
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The statistics and data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding fatal and nonfatal motor vehicle accidents can be disheartening. Information for the year 2016 from the CDC Vital Signs, for instance, revealed that an estimated 90 people perished each day from automobile crashes in the United States. By the year 2018, this figure increased to more than 100 deaths each day from a motor vehicle accident.

Bodily injuries and vehicular damages caused by automobile accidents can result in expensive healthcare and medical bills, motor vehicle repairs, and numerous out-of-pocket expenses. Some car crashes hurt people severely enough that they require surgery to have their injuries treated and need therapy to cope with the psychological trauma and effects of an accident. In many cases, the physical and mental aftermath of an accident can keep people from going to work, which can result in income loss.

In general, it’s in the victim’s best interest to initiate a car accident injury claim. Factors to consider when taking legal action include the severity of the crash, the injuries sustained, the cost and intensity of medical treatment received, and determining who partly or entirely caused the accident.


People who sustain minor or major injuries in a car accident have the right to seek financial compensation from the party who caused the incident, according to Baltimore auto accident lawyer practice Miller and Zois. Knowledgeable and experienced lawyers such as the legal experts practicing at Miller and Zois know Maryland road laws, which is essential as such rules and regulations provide the framework for determining who is responsible for a car accident. These attorneys have extensive knowledge regarding insurance matters, which is relevant as automobile accident claims are generally cases of the injured party negotiating with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider about compensation.

Lawyers at Miller and Zois have experience representing clients in cases regarding injuries, medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost income, and property damage involving individual drivers, truck drivers, commercial drivers, and more. In cases of fatal car accidents, family members of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit. This legal option makes it possible for the victim’s family to initiate a lawsuit for compensation that enables them to cover financial losses sustained after the victim’s passing. Such a legal claim allows victims’ bereaved family members to hold at-fault parties responsible for causing fatal car accidents and bring the situation to justice.


In addition to filing a wrongful death suit and handling legal matters, if a loved one dies in a car accident, family members should seek the therapy and counseling they might need and pay their last respects. Fatal car accidents are tragedies that leave mourning family members with the overwhelming responsibility of honoring victims’ lives with a funeral service, memorial service, or viewing.

If a person planned their future funeral and burial or opted for cremation, their surviving family members should accept those decisions. In situations where the deceased didn’t leave behind any plans, family members should make a choice that respects them and fits the life they lived.


Mourning families should enlist the funeral services and assistance of professionals, such as those at Heritage Cremation Provider, who understand the mental, emotional, and physical stress and hardships that can result from a fatality. Heritage Cremation Provider is a crematory that offers support to families before, during, and after cremation and funeral services. This provider performs cremation services with the highest compassion and care and respect for the deceased and their families.

Entrusting skilled lawyers with the legal aspects of fatalities and experienced cremation providers with funeral and cremation plans that honor the deceased gives families the chance to focus on mourning their loved ones and coping with their loss.