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What Should I Take Care of Before the Baby Arrives?

The third trimester of pregnancy is exciting and busy time…
a person holding a baby

The third trimester of pregnancy is exciting and busy time for both the mother-to-be and the father-to-be. While there is so much to do before the baby comes home, it’s important not to forget to take care of yourself both mentally and physically as well. From looking into investment properties or investing in your primary residence to getting a prenatal massage by a reputable massage therapist or relaxing, there’s a lot to do.

There are a ton of things you need to do for the baby, but there are also things you should do for yourself. In this article, you’ll find a few things to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Invest in yourself and your home.


If you’ve been considering taking out an investment loan to buy a second property, then it could be the best time to start that adventure. Owning an investment property is a great way to invest in your child’s future as well since any rental property you have could easily go to them as they got older. While becoming a landlord may seem daunting, having some extra rental income from a few tenants will help our a lot once your baby joins the family.

You can also go with an owner-occupied loan, which will allow you to invest in turning your home into an investment. As a homeowner, your current home is where you’re going to be bringing your newborn, so a loan to fix it up would be a great way to prepare for the baby to arrive.

Invest in a pregnancy massage.


While you’re eager to get things done for the baby, you also need to be concerned about yourself. Take the time to find a reputable massage therapist and invest in some relaxation with a pregnancy massage. A good prenatal massage can help with swelling, headaches, and the aches and pains that every soon-to-be mom feels during that third trimester.

Just make sure that you do your research and take your time to find a massage therapy center that is qualified and reputable. Prenatal massage can hurt more than it helps if it’s not done by a trained professional who understands about pressure points and pregnancy discomforts.

Have essential baby equipment purchased and ready to go.


Make sure that you’ve purchased everything that is needed for the baby to come home from the hospital because you don’t want to be running around trying to buy and arrange things with a newborn in tow. Take the time to wash new clothing, burp cloths, towels, hats, blankets, and anything else that will touch your baby’s tender skin.

Make sure that you’re stocked up on diaper wipes and diapers, and that you’ve made the baby’s crib or bassinet with fresh linens. Make sure everything is as clean and germ-free as it can be in the weeks leading up to your due date as well.

Pack your bag for the hospital.


Many mothers-to-be put off packing their bag for the hospital until a couple of weeks before the birth. This isn’t a good idea, because babies usually come when they are ready, not when you are. Go ahead and pack your bag a few weeks ahead and put it in the closet so it’s easy to grab and go.

Make sure to pack things for you and a few things for the baby as well, so that you’re prepared whenever the baby says it’s time to go. Before you know it, you and your little one will be walking back through the door of your home together.

These are just a few of the things that you should do to prepare for your baby’s arrival. From investing in your home or investing in a massage to getting together essentials and packing your bag, you’ll be prepared and ready to just relax and wait for your little miracle to arrive.