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Unusual Business Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sometimes it can feel like there are countless business tools…
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Sometimes it can feel like there are countless business tools that you should be using. It can be difficult to know which tools to pick and why, and you probably hear the same ones over and over. There are some business tools you probably didn’t know you needed. Here are a few and why they’ll make all the difference for your business.

Companies Look Up

Go Look Up gives you the power to look up the millions of companies in the United States. You’ll be able to discover a company’s revenue, funding, employees, and more. This can be tremendously useful, as looking up your competitors is a great way to reflect on your own company. Look up another business in the same industry as yours. Is it making more money than yours? Why might that be? Maybe the company has more employees than yours. Maybe the owners have a larger loan from the bank than you do. Taking the time to look up your competitors and reassess your business plan based on what you discover will help your business grow.  

Call Centers

Call center software can make a huge difference for your business. You might not have thought you needed a call center, but after fielding every client question and concern yourself, you probably recognize what an omnichannel cloud call center can do for you. Opening a call center for your business is easier than you think with call center software. You’ll be able to hire anyone anywhere to be an agent since your agents can work remotely. Your customers will be able to contact that call center in a variety of ways, including text message, video chat, and traditional voice calls. This means your customers will always have access to help, which will increase customer retention. Stop answering customer calls yourself and open a reliable and efficient call center.

Image Editing Software

When you opened your business, you probably didn’t think you’d need to become an expert in image editing, but knowing how to edit your own pictures will be a huge help with your business’s marketing. Potential customers are more likely to be drawn to attractive and original images that help convey your business’s brand. When you have the right image editing software, you’ll be able to create amazing marketing images that can be posted on your business’s website and social media pages. Digital platforms are huge for attracting customers and should be a large part of your business’s marketing plan. Make sure your plan includes creating the perfect images to go with your company’s brand.

Antivirus Software

This might seem like an obvious tool to some, but it’s important that you not neglect the health of your digital systems when you’re running a small business. If you own a storefront and your only computer goes down, how will you operate? This could be devastating for your business, so avoid this by making sure you have antivirus software installed on every computer in your business. So much of running a business is now digital that it could cost you an incredible amount of time and money if one or more of your computers contract a virus. Without antivirus software, you also run the risk of your company’s data being hacked. This could have disastrous consequences for you and your customers. Remove the risk by keeping antivirus software up to date on all your computers.

These unusual business tools could be exactly what you need to propel your business forward. Always take the time to find and try out new resources. You never which ones might make all the difference for you and your company.