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Top States for Outdoorsy Homeowners

Every state has a hiking trail that new homeowners must…
a house on a rocky beach

Every state has a hiking trail that new homeowners must try out or a water park that the kids have got to experience, or even a crazy active adventure that every resident must go on. However, some states are just totally perfect for someone who is an outdoorsy homeowner.

From Hickory, NC to outdoor living in Denver and from BBQs on the patio your contractor just installed in Hawaii to the deck your general contractor built in the backyard of your Wyoming home, there are a few states that any homeowner who loves the great outdoors would love. Read on below for the top states for outdoorsy homeowners you might want to consider moving to in 2021.

North Carolina


If the white sandy beaches and the Blue Ridge Parkway doesn’t make you want to move to NC, then the majestic mountain views just might. From hiking and biking along the gorgeous nature trails to paddling a boat through the Dismal Swamp Park, there’s plenty to do for an outdoorsy homeowner in North Carolina.

If you’re recently purchased a home in Hickory, NC, and are looking to do some remodeling, whether it’s to your bathroom or kitchen or adding replacement windows and doors to your new home, the contractors at the best Hickory, NC remodeling company in the area have you covered. This company works to educate homeowners on energy-efficiency and the options they have for remodeling their homes. They also work on roofs, siding replacement, and gutter repair as well.



If you’re a fan of the snow and cold, then Colorado is the perfect state to live in for someone who loves the outdoors. From skiing to mountain biking in Crested Butte to skiing and staying in some of the best ski lodges in the world in Aspen, there’s nothing an outdoor lover can’t do when living in Colorado.

Even outdoor living Denver companies can help you furnish a great outdoor living space, an outdoor kitchen, and even sell you patio furniture that makes BBQing with your friends a breeze during the spring and summer. Make sure you install a fire pit in your outdoor space as well, for those chilly Colorado evenings with friends, in the fall of the year.



No matter which island you’re on, Hawaii always has something going on for the outdoorsman of the crowd. Since the islands are surrounded by water, most outdoor activities involve surfing, swimming, and other water events. Don’t forget to get involved with the Great Aloha Run, Ironman Hawaii, and even the Honolulu Marathon held annually once you move. If you love nature as well, make sure to visit the national parks where you can see two active volcanos, if you’re brave enough. From biking down a volcano to snorkeling and from running in the marathon to taking surfing lessons, there’s a ton to do when you live in Hawaii if you love being outdoors and going on adventures as well.



Wyoming boasts no less than 11 national parks that outdoorsy types can hike and walkthrough, so it’s the perfect place to relocate if you’re looking to pick up and set down roots in a state that loves the outdoors. There are also quite a few sports climbing adventures for those who don’t mind heights to go on.

These are just a few of the best states to move to if you’re a lover of all things outdoors and want to immerse yourself in it. If you’re thinking of moving to be outdoors more, then these states have everything you need to make that dream happen.