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Tips for Visiting NYC With Kids

New York City is famous for its fast pace, endless…
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New York City is famous for its fast pace, endless Taxis, crowded streets, and its neverending list of things to see and do. The excitement of visiting the Big Apple makes it tempting to build an intense itinerary, but for families, there are a few tips for visiting NYC with kids to ensure everyone has a great vacation.

Plan Out Transportation

New York City is big, and for families not used to being in a big city, getting around can quickly become overwhelming. Plan out transportation and figure out the best way to get several people from one place to another. Driving in NYC is intimidating, especially if unfamiliar with the city. Taxis, car hires, and public transportation are all reliable methods of getting around the Big Apple comfortably.

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Avoid Touristic Rush Hour

Asking a child to be patient and wait in line for a long period is a recipe for disaster. Cut down on wait times by buying tickets in advance for museums and attractions. Depending on the attraction, consider spending a little extra on VIP/Express tickets to skip lines completely. New York City is more active in the late-morning and late-night, which means getting out with children early in the morning minimizes wait times. Another tactic is to visit museums and attractions during dinner time when other patrons will be busing crowding into restaurants.

Do a Variety of Activities

There is an endless amount of things to see and do in New York City. Keep kids engaged by doing a variety of activities. When kids get overexcited everything tends to blur together and the experience gets lost along the way. Take a break in between sightseeing or mix up how to see points of interest. Walk around for a while to take in sights that are located nearby, then consider a hop-on hop-off bus tour.

There are countless museums in the city, and most of the premier museums have amazing child-friendly amenities. Think interactive exhibits, family guides, special itineraries, and kid-friendly maps. Just like kids don’t have the patience to wait for long, keeping them indoors for too long could lead to whining. Central Park is full of family-friendly activities and makes for a great outdoor experience that keeps kids engaged. At first thought, Chinatown seems intense, but away from the main touristic drag are unique restaurants and food stalls that will pique the curiosity of kids’ minds.

Don’t Forget to Take Photos

New York City is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. From the Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island to One World Trade to the Empire State Building, there’s so much to see and do. Instead of relying on your iPhone to save all of your photos, shop around for a digital photo storage device, like the Smart Photo Manager by ibi before you go. Digital photo storage devices give users the ability to save as many photos as they’d like, without clogging up the Cloud.

Read Up on Broadway Shows

Not all Broadway shows are created equal. Just because a show has a lively name doesn’t mean its child-friendly. Take the time to read up on which Broadway shows are good for kids and see what is available during the trip. Some theaters have a minimum age for attending performances, so be sure to check a theater’s website before purchasing any tickets.

Sites like Groupon, TodayTix, and Vivid Seats help visitors find, explore, and engage with the best shows, arts, and cultural entertainment in major cities around the world.