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Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Office Party

One of the ways to have a successful business is…
a group of people sitting at a table with glasses of champagne

One of the ways to have a successful business is to keep your employees happy, and an office party is the ultimate form of employee appreciation. With office parties, there is a thin line between “hit and miss”—reaching people’s expectations can be hard.

You may be planning a simple, fun but memorable occasion to celebrate with your colleagues, but they expect an over the top event. The technicalities of an office party can be nerve-wracking and stressful. Between coordinating the decorations and going to the liquor store, planning an office party will probably suck the life out of you.

If, however, you want to get ahead of the chaos, and give your colleagues an unforgettable night, here are some pointers to ensure they will be reminiscing about the party for years to come.

Come Up with A Planning Committee

To imprint the events of the party in your colleagues’ minds forever, you need a team. An excellent planning committee composed of like-minded people will help conceptualize your dream into a reality. Assign each member of the committee with a task according to their strong suit.

The office “foodie” can handle all the food, non- alcoholic and, alcoholic beverages, saving you a trip to the liquor store and, the creative, hip and, the artistic member can plan all the decorations and designs of the party. A committee will enable you to oversee the preparations, give inputs, and correct where appropriate.

Get Input from Your Colleagues


Asking the partygoers what they want is not a bad idea—it is, after all, a party for them. Have engaging conversations with most of them about the party to see what they want. You can ask for their input on the party menu and theme. Analyze the different suggestions and pick the ones that are in line with their thoughts and your objectives. Engaging your colleagues will make them feel invested and participatory in planning the party.

Create A Fun Party Theme

Planning an office party around a theme will help you determine the correct atmosphere of the party. The theme will also set the tone for the event.

You can go with a “black-tie” theme and turn the office party into an elegant dinner, that requires your colleagues to dress up in all black attire of tuxedos, black pencil skirt, and beautiful dresses. A movie night themed party might appeal to your co-workers too. You can rent a popcorn machine and projector for the movie and screen the broad category of beloved classics.

A game night theme is another wonderful idea. You could set up various games such as karaoke, charades, trivia night and other game ideas to engage your co-workers. Beer pong but with a little vodka instead of beer can be a neat twist to remind them of the “good ole’ college days.”

Show Your Gratitude

What better way can you end the party than giving your guest gifts. A gift will speak volumes on how the employees about the value of your employees within the office. A small thank you goes a long way in recognizing the efforts of the employees and further building morale. Gift cards for local and online stores would serve as thoughtful gestures, as well.

Giveaways can be especially fun at parties—female employees could raffle for fashionable clothes such as black pencil skirts or blazers while men could raffle for button-downs and slacks. Fashion giveaways can be a popular hit as opposed to the usual novelty gag gift bags.

Remember, office parties should be fun. They should have a different feel and dynamic away from the usual eight-to-five period in the office.