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Tips for Staying Healthy While Managing a Full-Time Job

Balancing a full-time job with a full-time life may sound…
a person working out on a machine

Balancing a full-time job with a full-time life may sound glamourous in the beginning, until you realize that work takes most of your energy. Keeping up with your overall health while working full-time takes discipline and a commitment to a lifestyle change. There are plenty of small changes you can implement to find the right balance between staying healthy and working hard.

Take breaks throughout the day

Taking breaks throughout the workday will improve your focus and productivity. Things start to blend together when you look at a computer screen for too long and your progress will slow down. Sitting in a fixed position behind a desk for hours at a time is hard on the body and can lead to Tension Neck Syndrome. Take short, 15 minute breaks to recharge your brain, rest your eyes, and reduce neck tension.

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Bring a packed lunch to work

Get into the healthy habit of bringing a packed lunch and snacks to work. Not only does a packed lunch keep your diet balanced, but you have full control over eating reasonable portion sizes. Anticipate getting hungry in between meals by bringing healthy snacks to work that you can stash in your desk drawer instead of helping yourself to the junk food and treats displayed in the breakroom.

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Stay hydrated and be easy with caffeine

Your body and mind both benefit from staying hydrated. Your brain needs water to function properly, so when you find it hard to concentrate, take a water break. If drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses of water per day seems challenging, liven up your hydration by infusing water with mint, lemon, cucumber, or any other infusion you like. Take it easy with how many cups of coffee you drink throughout the day. While caffeine does cause you to become alert, it’s also a drug that can cause negative side-effects when too much is consumed. Think jitters, gastrointestinal problems, caffeine crash, and trouble sleeping naturally at night.


Prioritize your exercise routine

Prioritize your exercise routine by bringing your gym bag to work so that you can immediately go from the office to the gym at any time. Schedule your exercise into your daily routine and try not to alter it when things come up. Find a walking partner at your office and commit to taking walk breaks together. Park your car as far from your office as possible and get some extra steps in. Challenge yourself to take the stairs versus the elevator. If you live in a biking city, use your own bicycle or a bike-sharing service to ride to work and skip driving entirely.

These simple yet effective tips will help you stay healthy while managing a full-time job.