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Renovate or Start Fresh?

Whether you’ve lived in the same house for a long…
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Whether you’ve lived in the same house for a long time or you’ve recently purchased a new home, you may notice that your house could use a little more love and attention. You may be unsure of whether it makes more sense to spruce up your current home or tear it down all together and starting over fresh. Such a monumental decision requires time and careful consideration. Homeowners can benefit from asking themselves questions about the condition their home is in, the repairs their place needs, the changes they want to make, and the amount of money they’re willing to spend on a significant home improvement job.

Listed below are ways to redesign and style your property successfully should you choose to invest in a home renovation instead of starting over.

Create a cost-effective budget.


It’s best to keep your finances at the forefront of your mind when planning out all of the home improvement jobs to complete. First, compile a list of your regular, fixed expenses such as your mortgage or rent payments, car payments, and bills for recurring subscriptions, electricity, water, and other utilities. With a clear budget, you’ll know how much money you’re able to spend after taking care of recurring payments, allowing you to save money and adequately allocate such savings for the renovations your property needs. From there, you can complete home improvement jobs according to their costs and priority. You can begin with a kitchen remodel, for example, and then move on to remodeling your bathroom, bedroom, or another space as your time and funds allow.

Utilize professional services for a renovation.

Ultimately, many homeowners decide to renovate their properties because repairs and renovations typically cost less than a complete demolition and rebuilding job. Another reason homeowners may choose to renovate their houses instead of starting fresh is that their homes have a lot of sentimental value — this is where they created happy memories with friends and families. Skilled professional builders can provide such high-quality services on modification projects that you can both remain in the familiarity and comfort of your home, while also increasing your home property value. An organization of experienced contractors, builders, and exterior design professionals can complete a knockdown rebuild of your property that makes your old home feel like a new home.

Renovate essential aspects of your home’s exterior.


To transform your home’s outer appearance without wasting money on non-essential repairs or non-emergency jobs, prioritize handling the remodeling of crucial exterior features. Professional services are best for completing upgrades for vital elements such as doors, handles and knobs, hinges, garage doors, windows, and light fixtures. In Oregon, for instance, homeowners can rely on exterior remodeling experts in Portland, OR, to complete custom remodeling jobs that accentuate their home’s features and showcase their choice of stylish front doors, patio doors, and single-hung, double-hung, and sliding windows.

Design an interior space that matches the exterior.


Homeowners should consider transforming the interior of their house so that it fits its outer appearance. Cost-effective ways to upgrade your property include repainting rooms, replacing dull light fixtures or improperly working light switches, and getting new doorknobs, handles, and hinges. You can improve any room’s atmosphere by choosing to purchase new furniture or reorganizing the furniture you already own.

Including decorative pillows and fabric, rugs to complement your furniture, curtains, lampshades, and other features is another way to increase the texture and color in your home. To add style and luxury to a remodeled house and redesigned rooms, get the decorative items of your choice from Chesterfield. Just head over to and you’ll find a wide array of affordably priced luxury pieces. Chesterfield’s selection of versatile, easily washable, and cruelty-free faux fur rugs can suit all customers’ finances and preferences and enhance living rooms, dining rooms, or any other rooms of your renovated home.