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Macaron Queen’s Most Popular Assortments

Macarons have been making a stride to leave their delicious…
a pile of colorful shells

Macarons have been making a stride to leave their delicious marks in each of our sugar-craving hearts. With French inspiration and insane admiration from people around the world, these special treats have become more diversified for all to love. From chocolate to rosé, you can wedge just about any flavored filling and ingredient between two savory shells. If there’s a company that knows more about macarons than anyone else, it’s Macaron Queen.

Macaron Queen specializes in the concoction and baking of the buttery and chewy, yet crunchy delights that are macarons. Their unique recipes are low in calories so you can enjoy them guilt-free and without stressing out about your sugar intake. They are also made with 100% almond flour which is both wheat- and gluten-free and rich in protein and healthy fats. Some of their exclusive macaron flavors include raspberry cheesecake, snickerdoodle, and hazelnut caramel praline. If that doesn’t water your mouth, perhaps you’ll be interested in these other more popular assortments from Macaron Queen.

Holiday Specials


Macaron Queen is also known for its large variety of macaron assortments, which include a very popular theme right now: holiday specials. This holiday-themed macaron assortment includes treats for every holiday occasion such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah. These include pumpkin pecan spice macarons, red velvet, pistachio, and vanilla bean, among other flavors. They also sell boxes, tins, stocking stuffers, and macaron towers that make the perfect gift for anyone with an extraordinarily sweet tooth. They are adorably decorated with sprinkles, vivid colors, and themed patterns, so they can be displayed accordingly with your holiday decorations.

Fruity Treats

Moreover, if you’re more of a fruity person, you will very likely enjoy Macaron Queen’s fruity assortment of 35 different flavors with fruit fillings and decor. These fruity assortments come in mango white chocolate, key lime pie, French raspberry, and rose lychee. They also come in blueberry citrus, coconut chocolate, taro, and strawberry shortcake—these are but a handful of the fruity flavors they offer. Their colors may also vary given the season of the year. For example, during the spring, flavored macarons may have a softer palette versus summer season specials, which may include bolder colors.

Chocolate Inspirations


Additionally, Macaron Queen offers its chocolate-loving clients macarons that are inspired by this flavor. This assortment can include a mix of white and dark chocolate as well as special flavors like passion fruit white chocolate, Nutella praline, Oreo, and even thin mint. You can order them online in packs of 10, 25, 40, 60, and 80 macarons so you can give them as gifts, keep them for yourself, or display them at your next gathering for everyone to enjoy.

Chicago Lovers

If there’s something Chicago lovers know, it’s about enjoying tasty food. Macaron Queen has taken the challenge to serve Chicago with some random selections that are popular in the city and will make anyone’s mouth melt. The Chicago-inspired assortment includes 10, 25, or 40 macarons of your choosing from red velvet, princess cake (birthday cake), key lime pie, and strawberry cheesecake. You can also choose vanilla bean, salted caramel, and double dark chocolate in case you want even more variety in your palate.

For Your Furry Friends


If that wasn’t enough, Macaron Queen offers a three-macaron assortment made just for your pets. This delicious and safe alternative to rawhide and artificial chews will give your pet something sweet to keep them distracted while enjoying themselves. These gluten-free macaron shells are made with their traditional ingredients and are deliciously filled with peanut butter.

Who knew macarons had so much variety! Find your favorite assortment at