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Logistics Planning Tips for New Nutrition Businesses

People are always seeking new ways to improve themselves and…
a group of bags of powdered sugar

People are always seeking new ways to improve themselves and their health, and often turn to dietary supplements as part of their wellness strategy. Supplement businesses create and market nutritional supplements that are manufactured by a third-party. There are a wealth of opportunities within the supplement industry, and with online vitamin and supplement sales soaring amid COVID-19, the demands for supplements show no signs of stopping.


Launching a supplement business can be rewarding if you are passionate about health and well-being and are willing to dedicate hard work to the enterprise. Starting a supplement business entails a good idea, the means to manufacture and distribute products, marketing, and dealing with legal issues. Take a look at some of the key logistics planning tips for launching a supplement business.

Defining Your Target Market and Your Competition



There are countless types of dietary supplements on the market, and choosing the right niche starts by defining your target market. Decide what need you will serve—weight loss, gaining muscle mass, memory improvement, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Once you define your target market and their nutritional needs, you need to research your competition and the marketplace. Learn what products your competitors offer and at what price, who their target customers are, their marketing strategy, and what claims they make about their products.

Finding a Quality Supplement Manufacturer



You need to find a quality supplement manufacturer with a good reputation that you can trust to create your product. There are three key points to keep in mind when vetting a supplement manufacturer. Read customers reviews to get an idea of the manufacturer’s quality standard and whether or not they produce a consistent product. Next, find out if the manufacturer meets and adheres to compliance standards. Lastly, consider the affordability of working with a particular manufacturer and whether it balances with your business model.


Makers Nutrition is one of the best supplement manufacturers in the marketplace that manufactures products in an NSF GMP registered and FDA-approved facility capable of raw material testing, label analysis, and final product quality assurance. This supplement manufacturer offers customers over 6,000 raw material choices to help formulate a unique, marketable, and beneficial product.


Makers Nutrition provides customers with the most popular supplement formats including capsules, soft gels, tablets, powders, and gummies with customized color and flavor options. Whether you need probiotics, protein supplements, sports nutrition, or have your own custom formulation, you need a quality supplement manufacturer to deliver a reliable, consistent product.

Creating Demand for Your Product



Once you have the perfect product in hand, you need to create a demand for it. The quality and results of your product should be enough to create loyal customers, but it’s also important to create a brand experience. You need to establish a web presence where you can promote your supplement business, engage with customers, create and grow brand awareness, and most importantly, sell your product.


An important part of creating a brand experience is how you package and present your product. The smallest details matter, from the font of the information label to the quality of the shrink-wrapping. There are four types of plastics used for shrink-wrapping, polyolefin, PVC, polyethylene, and polypropylene, each of which has different characteristics and advantages.


If you don’t know how to use shrink wrap, U.S. Packaging and Wrapping has you covered. The full-service, customer-driven packaging supply company can help you compare packaging options and provides superior products and services at affordable prices. Not only do they provide packaging products but they also provide customers a 24-hour library of information about all things shrink wrap products, machines, product comparisons, and applications.

Launching a supplement business can be rewarding. All it takes to get started is finding a target market and creating a solution to its need, finding a quality supplement manufacturer, and creating demand for your product.