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Industry Trends to Follow for Your Supplement Brand’s Growth

Consumers have been turning to a range of supplements to…
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Consumers have been turning to a range of supplements to boost their overall health in the wake of COVID-19. Vitamin and dietary supplement use are on the rise as people increasingly focus on their health and wellness goals. The supplement industry is booming and the market today is brimming with various types of supplements that help support these health and wellness goals.

Wellness Defined by Consumers


The key to staying competitive as a wellness brand on the market today is understanding the consumer perspective. Consumers are focused on achieving better health beyond medicine and supplements. Consumers are taking charge of their health through apps and connected devices that allow them to monitor their health between doctor’s appointments. Achieving better fitness is challenging for consumers who can’t access gyms, which has led to a rise in at-home exercise routines.

Consumers are seeking out better nutrition that tastes good and helps support wellness goals. Diet apps, diet programs, and subscription food services are forecast to rise in popularity. Wellness apparel and beauty products that aid in better appearance are growing in demand. Better sleep is a growing concern among consumers, especially products that contain herbal extracts and natural ingredients. Better mindfulness is being addressed with mediation apps.

Dietary Supplement Market Trends


There are several supplement trends that brands should note in 2022. Consumers are seeking immunity-boosting supplements that contain vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and zinc. Collagen supplements as well as vitamin and mineral supplements are also in high demand. Sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements that increase stamina, improve endurance, support better muscle gain, and faster workout recovery are trending.

Natural and herbal supplements with natural ingredients that support sleep, stress, and cognitive function are growing in popularity. Medicinal mushroom supplements have several health benefits for consumers. This list of health benefits includes brain boost, hormone support, and an antioxidant powerhouse. Different types of mushrooms have different health benefits. Reishi mushrooms are a favorite fungus that helps aid in weight loss, boost the immune system, and help fight cancer cells.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are full of antioxidants that aid mental clarity and boost the immune system. Chaga mushrooms are an antioxidant powerhouse that helps fight free radicals and inflammation while helping lower bad cholesterol. Eons supplement products feature unique blends of different types of mushrooms that improve cognitive function, brain health, mental clarity, alertness, and fatigue. All medicinal mushroom supplements from Eons contain natural and organic ingredients that when combined in the right dosage support your immune health.

The demand for vegan-friendly supplements is also growing, which is pushing supplement manufacturers to introduce more innovative dietary supplements.

2022 Consumer Trends


Consumers in 2022 are seeking out natural and clean high-quality products, from skincare and cosmetics to multivitamins and subscription food services. Many consumers make a purchase decision based on the production method and manufacturing processes used by supplement brands. Instead of purchasing products with trendy packaging, consumers are taking note of upcoming products made with sustainability in mind. Earthwise Packaging offers the next generation of packaging with a plant-based, carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuel plastics. Their plant-based containers are made from sustainably grown and harvested resources that eliminate the need for plastic. All Earthwise Packaging is derived from sugarcane, resulting in renewable and sustainable bioplastic.

Consumers have grown accustomed to e-commerce, and the supplement market today is no exception. Social media influencers play a big part in connecting with consumers and influencing purchase decisions. Services that cater to physical and mental health needs are on the rise. Today’s consumers aren’t relying on a single wellness solution or brand to achieve their goals. This means brands can introduce targeted extensions that when combined, help consumers reach their health goals.

The supplement industry is poised to continue growing throughout 2022 and beyond as consumers continue to charge of their overall health at home.