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In a Romantic Rut? Read This

Life gets hectic and people get busy. Because of this,…
a man and a woman kissing

Life gets hectic and people get busy. Because of this, it’s easy to take a partner for granted. This can lead to your relationship being stuck in a stagnant rut. Regardless of how long you and your partner have been together if your relationship seems stale, there are things you can do to freshen it up. For ideas on how to get out of a relationship rut, read on.

Unplug with Your Partner


Social media, while it connects us, can be damaging too. With many people’s social interactions taking place more on mobile phones or mobile devices than in person, there’s a risk of getting lost in the virtual world. Every day, cell phone apps are popping up to enhance the user experience but not doing a lot to help with our real-world relationship satisfaction. Designed based on human behavior and meant to keep us glued to our cell phones, these apps can be damaging when used too often.

Relationship ruts can happen when people forget to unplug. That is, your real-life relationships can suffer if you never turn off your phone, ignore your partner in favor of an online chat or forum, and so on. The very definition of phubbing shows us that our internet addictions have gone too far. The great news is, you don’t have to be a phubber. Make it a point to turn off that phone, shut the internet down, and unplug for at least a few hours a day to spend with your partner. Doing so will increase your relationship satisfaction overall.

Spoil Your Lover


If your relationship’s in a rut, it may be time to buy your partner a new watch. Rose gold, a sports watch, or a luxury watch for date nights out, it really doesn’t matter what kind. The idea behind spoiling your partner with the gift of a new watch is to make a subtle point about time. Whether it’s that you hope for more quality time together, or to symbolize the memories made in the time you have shared so far, a gift like Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches can come with a special note.

Spoil your partner with a new timepiece and include a note that explains your sentiment. Maybe it’s that you vow to spend more time with them or that the time you spend with them matters most to you. A personal, handwritten note could come in the form of a card or simply be tucked in a gift box.

Plan Date Nights


One of the easiest things you can do if your relationship is in a rut is to sit down with your partner and come up with a schedule for regular date nights. Consider switching off one week at a time on who plans the date and who chooses how that in-person time is spent together. Be creative with your date night plans.

While a movie and dinner at home are fine here and there, being more adventurous will lead to memories that bring the relationship back to life. In light of the global pandemic, try to think of things you can do outside or in nature. A hike, a boat ride, a walk through the woods behind your home, or a simple picnic could all work. Other ways to spend date nights could include board games, cooking a special meal together, or building a puzzle with no other distractions.

In the end, even if you aren’t in a relationship rut, but it’s your single status that’s causing a romantic stall, knowing how to pull yourself back to what makes relationships successful can never hurt. Being present in the moment, learning to unplug, and making special time for romance will go a long way in overall success.