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How to Use Fitness Challenges to Jumpstart Your Health Journey

With the new year approaching, you want to start prioritizing…
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With the new year approaching, you want to start prioritizing your health. The good news is that there are plenty of programs, fitness choices, and nutrition advice out there to make this journey approachable. It’s worthwhile to use these various tools as support so that you more easily kickstart the journey to your overall health and wellness. If you’re finally ready to commit to a better lifestyle, keep reading to explore how certain interventions and fitness challenges will help you start the process.

Start with a fitness challenge.



The easiest and fastest way to begin your health journey is to use a little bit of healthy competition. Enroll and utilize an office fitness challenge app with your co-workers. Through this sort of challenge, you face off with your friends and push one another to perform in the areas of physical fitness.


If you’re an employer, there are so many reasons to utilize a fitness and wellness challenge in the workplace. One of these reasons is that physically healthy and happy employees perform better at work! A simple challenge to enlist is a step-challenge. Basically, you and your co-workers are challenged to get lots of extra walking time in. You’ll get to actively see who will take the most steps throughout the allotted time. If you’ve always avoided these sorts of things, it’s time you take the first step and begin a commitment to a better quality of life.

Consider taking new supplements.



As with any healthy lifestyle, you want to make sure that your physical health is top-notch in all aspects. One of these aspects that’s commonly overlooked is your sexual and reproductive health. It’s common that as many men age, they experience some kind of problems with their prostate. These problems, like an enlarged prostate, negatively affect your sex life. An enlarged prostate also causes painful and frequent urination that’s sometimes difficult to manage and control.


If you’re dealing with any of these problems, you should consider taking a prostate health supplement. Supplements like this work to improve the health of your prostate through natural interventions. It contains natural ingredients like saw-palmetto berries which can help balance hormone levels. Before you take a prostate supplement, consult your doctor. You want to know if it’s a safe and important addition to your healthy lifestyle before you decide to take it. If you’re cleared to take this supplement, you’re on your way to better prostate health, sexual function, and overall wellness.

Find ways to minimize stress.



Once you’ve kickstarted your health and fitness journey, it’s important to look at other factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Stress is a contributing factor that wreaks havoc on your health. The reality is that everyone is constantly faced with stress, but many have no outlet to release it. It’s not about stopping the stress because that isn’t possible. Instead, it’s about finding ways to better manage stress.


A few stress-busting coping strategies include exercising for at least thirty minutes three days a week, getting quality sleep every night, and utilizing natural hemp products like CBD. If you’re trying to ditch smoking traditional nicotine cigarettes, then give CBD cigarettes a try. The effects of smoking a CBD cigarette include full-body relaxation and anxiety relief. In addition to a healthier alternative than tobacco cigarettes, this switch will also provide you with some stress-relieving benefits too. In turn, you’ll find ways to alleviate stress rather than letting it build up inside of you.


At the end of the day, your health and happiness matter. You’re guaranteed to feel your best in no time when you incorporate each of these components like fitness challenges, health supplements, and stress relief strategies.