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How to Transform Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Putting your home on the market doesn’t have to be…
a person wearing a red dress and holding a candle in a red box with a candle and pine

Putting your home on the market doesn’t have to be stressful. Showcasing your house during the holidays for your family and potential buyers can be festive and beautiful. Take time to organize your personal items to be placed out of sight when you show your home. This removes clutter and allows the house to be viewer ready at any time. Brainstorming with your real estate agent or a decorator can help assist in highlighting the home’s focal points. Emphasizing the holiday cheer inside and out can entice buyers to feel welcome with these tips to transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Searching for the perfect, freshly cut Christmas tree can be found at many local tree lots around North Carolina, for example, in historic Ashe County. They feature the Fraser Firs, loved for its color and durability. The firs and other species of trees are grown within a close-knit network of farming families in the area. Whether you’re looking for one tree or one for each room, there are some things to keep in mind. The tree should be sturdy and well maintained. It should naturally fit into the room, even if it’s artificial. If you are still currently living in the home you can still use your own things to decorate. For a little fun, handmade trinkets, popcorn, and dried cranberry garland can add some old-fashioned whimsy to rooms and trees. 

If you have children, give them a fun family project. Have them cut out unique paper snowflakes to hang in their rooms accompanied by a smaller, kid adorned tree. Holiday-inspired accent pillows on couches and ornamental pieces on shelves are charming touches. Hanging decorations such as oversized ornaments can be hung with clear fishing line. It will give the illusion they are floating magically in the air. Fairy lights in tall glass vases can be placed on the dining room and side tables. Instead of fruit, place nature-inspired pieces in a bowl on the kitchen table such as pine cones or round green and red ornaments.

Christmas tree lights from Christmas Designers have a variety of options such as outdoor patio lights, LED, and animated lights. Download the app and with a touch on your smart device, your tree becomes a holiday light show. If you aren’t comfortable having your presents under the yet during tours, you can wrap some empty boxes with elegant paper and ribbon for added aesthetics. Warm, white lights are an easy option to give your home a classic holiday look. Pair them with full-looking garlands for mantels, staircase banisters, and around door frames. Realistic candles can be placed in the bedrooms for a romantic touch. In the kitchen have some snacks and bottles of water for buyers. 

You can also have brochures of nearby attractions for potential buyers to visit. Showing off what fun the local North Carolina festivities are can further tempt people in the area. Draw attention to fireplaces by lighting them and turning on any water features around the property. Consult a staging professional who can help you utilize spaces better and the arrangement of furniture. Real estate agents may encourage people to touch fabrics, walls, and stonework. If you have personal things you don’t want to be handled, place them inside boxes in closets. 

Curb appeal is just as important as the condition inside. Have a professional landscaper come to trim back trees and bushes, maintain the lawn, and perhaps lend a helping hand with outside lights. Ashe County Real Estate properties have several log cabins and homes set in the mountains of North Carolina. Log homes need their own special TLC. This includes proper drainage, special UV stains to protect from drying out, and wood damage. Inside walls need to be washed and sealed to preserve the integrity of the wood. The outside of your home is the first initial impression when potential buyers pull up. A Christmas wreath on the door and a house tastefully trimmed on the outside allow for them to imagine they are stepping into a home. A few well-chosen lawn ornaments complementing your house’s style helps give it a professional but personal feel.