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How to Start a Career in the Automotive Industry

If it’s your first time diving into diesel technology and…
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If it’s your first time diving into diesel technology and the automotive industry, you’re in luck. As transportation and shipping needs continue to grow, it’s never been a better time to add to your work experience in the field. If you’re starting an automotive career for the first time, however, there are a few things to keep in mind before you dive in.

Certifications Matter

With the increases in diesel technology, automotive technology, and vehicle transport protocols, remaining relevant is more important than ever. Automotive and diesel certifications are in high demand and consumers seek out diesel mechanics that possess these to ensure they have a great experience.

Depending on your test series, be it the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification Test or certification of your ASE Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technician Status, it’s always a good idea to look at the curriculum offered by a national institute. An ASE certification goes a long way towards building customer trust and loyalty so it’s worth your time and effort to do a bit of research before your ASE Certification Test.

While it’s unlikely that you’d be reported to the Better Business Bureau for not having passed an ASE Certification Test, it’s still something that could factor into customer reviews. Think of it from a consumer perspective. Say you’re browsing Better Business Bureau listings and are deciding between two auto shops. One has technicians that are ASE certified. The other shop doesn’t have any ASE technicians. Who are you more likely to choose?

Chances are, you said the more experienced diesel technicians. At the end of the day, how you look on paper translates to how a customer appraises your level of service. Just make sure you keep up with your test series coursework to ensure that you’re going to pass an upcoming diesel technology test.

Selecting Your Products

While technicians are a fundamental component of the automobile industry, so are sellers and dealers. Choosing your products is one thing. Are you going to specialize in pickup trucks? Do you want to be a jack of all trades that sell automobiles, tractors, trailers, motorcycles, and SUVs? Depending on your answer, you may need to find different outlets to source automobiles. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a certain type or spread of automobile, it’s important to also consider the logistics of car shipping and auto transport.

Companies like Easy Car Shipping that are well-respected by the Better Business Bureau are a natural choice when it comes to auto transport. Keep in mind that shipping a motorcycle, RV, or SUV looks different logistically and may come with a different deductible. Easy Car Shipping’s easy auto-ship model makes it that much simpler to use a quote calculator and avoid the hidden fees that are common of similar services.

Plus, Easy Car Shipping helps you avoid the common hiccups that are frequently associated with auto transport technicians. It’s a smarter way to guarantee that your products reach their final destination safely, whether you’re shipping a motorcycle to a customer or purchasing trailers with complex electronic systems to keep in your storefront.

A Booming Industry

The auto industry is in need of both technicians, diesel mechanics, and sellers who are familiar with the ins and outs of power steering, diesel engines, and onboard electronic systems. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is seeing growth in the trucking industry in particular and skilled laborers are in higher demand than ever.

Whether you’re working as a dealer partnered with Easy Car Shipping or a diesel mechanic who is interested in starting your own shop, there’s plenty of room in the automotive industry for your unique set of skills.