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How to Protect Your Home from Burglary

Gone are the days when people didn’t bother so much…
a house with windows and lights

Gone are the days when people didn’t bother so much security. With the ever increase in human greed, rate of unemployment, and other crime-causing elements, revisiting your home protection methods/approach is crucial. One of the most common crimes in urban centers is burglary and it occurs very frequently.

Burglary can happen anytime, regardless of whether you’re at home or not. Whichever the case is, it can result in significant loss of valuables and sometimes, lives. The good news is, burglaries don’t necessarily have to occur at your personal property as there are many things you can do to improve your home’s security. On that note, stay put for a few tips to secure your home and personal belongings against burglary.

Buy homeowners insurance policy.


Whether you have the rare pink diamond sold for nearly $30 million in your house or you are just a regular person with conventional home properties, a house and contents insurance is essential.

Not only will this contents insurance coverage protect you against total loss and replacement cost if a burglary happens, but it’ll also cover for fire and other accidental damage.

The best part is, on sites like iSelect, you have a wide range of choices when concerning search home content insurance. They’re Australia’s number one insurance comparison site. What’s more, you can search their database for insurers that can provide cover if you happen to take insured contents of your home outdoors, perhaps on holiday or relocation.

Don’t leave your keys under the flower pot or floor mat.

leaving your keys outdoors is a careless habit. We know it’s one of the best ways to avoid losing your keys out there but trust us, it can also mean handing your key over to a burglar. The thing is thieves like to have a clean get-in and get-out operation. If your home keys are in an easy-to-access location, your house is equally an easy target. So, it’s time to adopt a better key-keeping strategy, especially when you don’t have insurance.

Get a secure locker.

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen them in one of those Hollywood movies. A secure locker can come in handy for expensive personal items when you’re not around. Like we mentioned earlier, burglars like invading homes with less resistance.

So, unless there’s information you have something of huge value at home, most burglars try their luck, hoping to find a few valuable lying around. If you keep stuff like jewelry, cash, etc., in a safety box behind a wall, chances are, they won’t hang around that long to break into a secure safe. Most of them don’t even have the basic tool.

Install CCTV


If this one isn’t part of your home security plans, you need to add it to your list. Whether you have homeowners insurance or not, security cameras are vital in securing homes against burglaries. Many repented burglars confess that the presence of a camera makes them change their minds about breaking into your home. What’s more, security cameras help the police in their investigation. Even more, insurance fraud claims are common these days. CCTV can also help an insurance company to validate your claim.

Also, don’t forget to place cameras in locations that will spot any approaching thief. What’s more, avoid leaving blind spots, especially when installing the home security cameras yourself.

Secure all doors and windows.

This last tip might sound obvious, but they’re the common access points for burglars. Just as you prepare for winter by checking your heating system, you also need to periodically check your windows and doors for any weakness, including the garage. Wear and tear are inevitable with all appliances, including doors. So, it’s best to bring in your locksmith to change them to more secure ones. If thieves can’t gain access, your valuable items are safe.