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How to Impress Your Partner on the First Date Without Appearing Pretentious

For millennials, “dating” is almost obsolete. Today, millennials hang out,…
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For millennials, “dating” is almost obsolete. Today, millennials hang out, hook up, and constantly struggle to define the status of their relationships. According to The New York Times, “hanging out” is the new form of dating, suggesting an end to the era of courtship.

So what happens if you go the old-fashioned route and ask someone on a date? If you’re trying to plan the perfect first date, here are some first date ideas that will impress your partner without making you appear pretentious.

See a Broadway Show

Find out whether your date is into comedy, cabaret, or musicals, and ask them to see a Broadway show. Broadway shows can help you learn more about each other, and they’re guaranteed to make your night memorable. 

Because finding last-minute tickets can be difficult, check out TodayTix for discounted tickets for premium seats. TodayTix can help you plan the perfect first date without breaking the bank and scoring last-minute tickets will definitely impress your date.

Go to a Zoo Exhibit

If you and your date are animal lovers, consider planning a trip to a zoo exhibit. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy zoos. Many zoo exhibits offer petting zoos and reptile buildings, along with various outdoor zoo exhibits, which are perfect for visitors of all ages. 

Choose a nice day to walk around the park with your date and learn more about animals from around the world. After you’re finished exploring the zoo, you can explore the surrounding town, grab lunch with your date at a local spot, and quiz them on zoo trivia.

 Plan a Picnic

Choose a spot at your favorite park and plan a picnic. Surprise your date with a homemade meal or pick up some snacks from a local bakery. Choosing the perfect spot can also win you extra brownie points with your date. Since it’s your first date, don’t pick a spot that’s too secluded, as your date may feel uncomfortable if they don’t know you well. 

To make your date even more memorable, pick a spot with a good view of the sunset. Nature makes a romantic backdrop for a date, so don’t be surprised if you score a second date.

Visit an Amusement Park

If you and your date are adrenaline junkies, an amusement park is a great first date idea. From the thrill of exploring the darkened rooms of a haunted house to the suspenseful climb up the rollercoaster, there will be plenty of opportunities to get closer to your date and learn more about them. Plus, you’ll get the chance to show off your carnival game skills and win your date a stuffed animal.

Plan a Casual Dinner

If you’re interested in planning a low-key first date, set up a casual dinner date. Make sure your partner knows it’s a date, but don’t psych yourself out over it. Keep the conversation light and the meal lighter. To keep a cool vibe, choose a spot with low lighting that’s not too romantic.

If you can’t find the time for a casual dinner, consider inviting your date to post-work drinks. Avoid loud bars and keep it light with margaritas or craft cocktails. Keep the conversation going and don’t overdo it with the drinks. If the date is going well, you can always roll it into a dinner date.

 Although dates are becoming increasingly obsolete, planning a simple first date can create a positive first impression. If you go the old-fashioned route, choosing one of these ideas for your first date can impress your partner without making you appear pretentious.