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How to Handle a Workplace Injury

Whether you’ve already been injured at work, or you work…
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Whether you’ve already been injured at work, or you work a job where this is a possibility (and you’d be surprised how easily it can happen), it’s important to make sure you have a plan in case you become injured and are unable to work. In 2019, roughly 2.8 million people in the United States working for private industries became sick or injured at work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The effects of COVID-19 on workplace injury claims remain to be seen, but regardless of your workplace injury situation, there are a few things you should consider. Read on to see just what they are.

Make sure you have a good health plan.

By comparing health insurance with iSelect, you can find the best health insurance plan for your needs, whether that’s ambulance coverage, a dental plan, pregnancy care, optical care, prescription coverage, or anything else. Especially due to the pandemic costs (including the vaccine being released to the public for free in the United States), some insurance companies have had to increase rates. This means that your insurance company may have increased your rate. Therefore, comparing policies through a health insurance marketplace can also be a great idea to ensure that you’re still getting the best price and the best health care coverage possible.

It’s also important to know what your disability insurance coverage covers beforehand so you know what type of insurance plan you will need. Considering that one in four people in the United States has some type of disability, having disability insurance and health coverage through your insurance company is very important. If your health insurer is through Medicare or Medicaid, you could also benefit from extras coverage to make up for what Medicare or Medicaid services do not cover. These types of preferred provider organizations are also great for finding a plan that will cover the doctor you want instead of merely going with whatever doctor is covered under your health maintenance organization (HMO).

Consider legal action.

Roughly 75 percent of workers’ compensation claims only involve medical benefits leaving cash benefits dependent on the seriousness of the employee’s injury or disability, according to the Social Security Administration. If your employer is trying to get out of covering your medical costs or paying the cash benefits you are owed, it may be time to consider a lawsuit. Do a Google search for a lawyer who specializes in managing workers’ compensation cases, and use the contact information you find to retain someone who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Dress professionally for court.

If this is your first time dealing with legal issues involving injury claims, you may be tempted to show up to court disheveled to give even more validity to your illness or injury. But don’t lose sight of the importance of a professional outfit (regardless of how you feel). If you dress professionally, it will speak to your honesty and character as it shows the court that you take the hearing seriously.

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