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How New Pots and Planters Help Flowers Thrive

If you’re a plant lover like many homeowners, you probably…
a person holding a bouquet of flowers

If you’re a plant lover like many homeowners, you probably do your best to ensure that your leafy friends stay happy, healthy, and hydrated. For most plants, this works out fairly well. However, some flowers, vines, and small trees are much harder to maintain. If you’ve added fresh soil and introduced plant food with no luck, the issue may lie with your pots and planters.

The planter that houses your foliage is a critical component of your plant life’s overall health. While most plants crave outdoor spaces, even the right indoor planters can help them thrive. To understand more about how pots and planters to impact flower health, keep reading.

Giving a plant room to breathe encourages more growth.


You’ve seen the planters that nurseries and home goods stores use; the pots are typically on the smaller side. While not every flower on the planet needs large planters to stretch its roots, the tiny containers you’ll see for sale typically won’t cut it. Providing your plant with a fresh pot gives it extra room for its roots and encourages the flower to grow even more. This is excellent for overall plant health and is something you should consider whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor planter. Particularly if you’re buying an outdoor planter, you want to make sure it can accommodate extra growth.

Upgrading your pots makes watering a breeze.


With many indoor and outdoor planters, it’s easy to tell when your plants need an upgrade. If you water your plants and notice that the water seems to immediately seep out the drainage holes, you may need to invest in a few upgrades. This is because quick water seepage often indicates that the plant may be root-bound. A root-bound flower needs some extra space so badly that it starts to wrap around your pot or planter. Plants do this to create water channels but it inadvertently makes root-bound plants much harder to water.

If you notice that your flowers are root-bound, it’s time to find new pots planters, or flowerbeds for them. Otherwise, you risk compromising the overall health of your plants. When you re-home a root-bound flower, it becomes much easier to water and is more likely to thrive in your garden.

New pots and planters allow for offshoots and plant babies.


Some plants love to keep growing. When the time is right, you can take advantage of that and clip the offshoots of your plants. This helps you propagate your flowers, prevent general overcrowding in your planters, and create new, self-sufficient plants. Without new pots and planters, you’re going to face overcrowding. If you don’t re-pot the divisions or offshoots, you’ll have to throw them away or leave them to chance. That seems like an unfortunate waste that you should try your best to avoid if possible.

Plus, plants make excellent gifts. If you have some offshoots that are ready for new pots, you can add soil, pack up some plant food, and give the baby plant to a friend or loved one. Then, in time, they can do the same with their offshoots.

Fining new pots and planters is simple.

Plenty of brands offer pots planters and flowerbeds for your gardening needs. In fact, businesses like Pots Planters and More offer so many options that you can even tailor the aesthetic of your plants. If you’re looking for some new homes for your flowers, check the privacy policy of any website you visit and do some research to see if there are any free shipping options. You can even create an account on some sites and enter your login for discounts, promotions, and specials. Whether you’re looking for stately home pots, self-watering pots planters, or flowerbeds, it pays to find the right planters.