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How Do I Start My Own Shopify Business?

To save more money on startup costs such as rent…
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To save more money on startup costs such as rent and staffing, more and more companies are working with shopping websites like Shopify. Not only are startups using Shopify, larger reputable companies that want to sell their products online are also creating online stores. Shopify allows you to build a website and use their shopping cart platform to sell, manage, and ship your products. This option is significantly cheaper than starting a website, paying for a domain, and then working with e-commerce companies like Woo Commerce. A monthly subscription to Shopify runs an average of $30 a month.

Getting Started

To get started, you must create an account with Shopify by using the signup form on their website. There can not be more than one company using the same company name so ensure that you’ve come up with a creative name to call your company.

There is a free trial option as well if you’re unsure of how successful your online business will be using Shopify.

Creating Your Online Shop

After you sign up, you’ll be redirected to the platform in which you can create your store’s site. Building a website with Shopify is like building any other website on a platform, there are pre-installed themes that are free and others that are paid. Find the best layout for your design concept. If you’re looking to change the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) or HTML lines of coding you can change only certain aspects using text. Shopify has in house experts if you wish to use their expertise to enhance the beauty of your page.

Add Products

Once you design your site and put your content together, you need to add your products. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important when choosing names and descriptions of your products. You want your site to have good readability and also show up on Internet searches. Arrange your page in order of importance and clean up the white space. Ensure the dimensions of your photos are the same and can be viewed clearly. If you have collections of products they can be arranged on the site as well. You want your customers to be able to browse like products with ease.

Payment Options

Shopify works with payment gateways. Payment gateways allow you to use your own website or other payment websites for payment processing. Know that the fees associated with payment processing can differ from the fees of the Shopify website. It can be hard to keep track of payments as well as accounting. If you’re looking for a simple solution, outsource your accounting to e-commerce accountants like fully accountable outsourced accounting firms. These firms will help manage your accounting as well as tax deductions.

Workforce Management

If you plan to have a large operation with several employees, having workforce optimization (WFO) and workforce management integrations can ensure that you’re being efficient. It is important to have accurate forecasting and scheduling for your business in order to empower your agents and reduce turnover rates. If you have a call center WFO software can ensure that you’re maximizing the performance of your representatives and ensure that their interactions are always consistent.

Building a new business or updating your current business doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Updating your current systems or even starting a company from scratch can be simplified by using Shopify. Ensure that your content and photos are readable and clear. Use relative SEO keywords and keep your business trending on social media. Simplify your accounting and workforce optimization by obtaining easy to use software that will enhance your business relations and give you more time to spend doing things you love.