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How Air Quality Impacts Your Health and Wellness

Poor air quality in your house can be a silent…
a computer monitor and a bottle of water

Poor air quality in your house can be a silent but dangerous threat to your health. Letting your air quality go unchecked over the course of a long period of time can cause harm to the physical health and mental health of you and your family members. Poor air quality can also have an overall negative impact on your quality of life by causing symptoms of discomfort and irritation.

It is important to invest in air purifying devices to keep your household healthy and clean daily.

If you are still unsure whether you should get your air quality tested, here are some ways that poor air quality can impact your health and wellness.

Respiratory Sickness


If not filtered properly, you can fill the air in your house with pollutants, dust particles, and pollen that can cause asthma and irritate allergies. The outdoors can carry many toxic chemicals in the air that have a way of creeping into our heating and cooling systems and then our lungs.

Especially if you live in an urban environment, you care about how the air quality will affect the health of family members and why it is important to ensure that your household’s HVAC systems are properly sealed. Your air duct systems’ routine wear and tear can produce leaks that can cause unfiltered air to enter your house. This unfiltered air is a risk factor for you and your family’s susceptibility to certain lung diseases. It is essential to change your air filter every 60 days and ensure that all leaks in your air duct system are sealed.

Mental Illness


Poor air quality can also affect your mental wellness. If not properly filtered, polluted air can make you drowsy over long periods of time, lowering your level of work productivity and ability to focus. Studies show that air pollution can be especially detrimental to children’s cognitive abilities and has proven to be linked to depression in some cases. This can cause a strain in your family relationships and social relationships.

Young people in college are especially susceptible to the negative effects of poor air quality and why a portable air filter should be part of the list for what every college student needs this year. College students already have to deal with an immense amount of psychological stress between demanding course workloads and social obligations; poor air quality can cause a further decline in their academic performance. A portable air filter can fit perfectly in any dorm room and positively affect your child’s mood and overall mental health.

Chronic Diseases


Poor air quality can also cause more serious health conditions that can become chronic. It is important to consult your healthcare provider to understand if any of your symptoms could link with air pollution. Air pollution can cause early signs of dementia and heart disease. Chronic conditions such as these can result from long-term exposure to air that has not been properly filtered, inviting harmful pollutants into our bodies.

Studies show that adults who reside in areas with a high concentration of air pollution are at a much greater risk of getting dementia than those who don’t. Even when covered under health care, treatment for these conditions can cost you large amounts of money. To ensure that your house is a clean sanctuary to rid of toxic pollutants and chemicals, this is an important reminder to test your air quality. Pure air will keep your family mentally and physically happy while saving you expensive medical bills. When you focus on air quality, you’re also focusing on your well-being. It’s the smart move to make.