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Dressing Confidently With Scoliosis

Having scoliosis doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy or stylish….
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Having scoliosis doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy or stylish. You can still rock fashionable items and make a statement, it’s just about knowing what kind of clothing to wear.

Scoliosis affects more women than men, as girls are eight times more likely to develop the condition than boys. And even worse, scoliosis usually appears between the ages of 10 and 15, right when girls are the most self-conscious about their bodies. The condition can result in uneven shoulders or rib cage, lopsided hips, one leg that is shorter than the other, a shoulder blade sticking out, and the body leaning to one side. Because of this, many people diagnosed with scoliosis experience body confidence issues. 

Therapies and treatments from Scoliosis Systems can do a lot to improve the condition and help patients feel confident about their bodies. But coupling those treatments with the right clothing can make an even greater impact. Below we provide a few tips on what to wear to make you feel sexy and confident.

Add An Extra Layer

Layering clothes helps to minimize the appearance of a brace or uneven shoulders or ribs. Add jackets, blazers, cardigans, kimonos, or vests to any outfit. You can also try using shoulder pads to even out your shoulders. 

Go For The Dress

Loose-fitting dresses that don’t cling to your body are the best fit for individuals with scoliosis.  You want clothing that can easily cover your curves and brace. Swing and skater style dresses are the best example of this as they provide a flattering fit without sticking to your sides. Other options for hiding your curvature include kaftans and dresses with embellishments like belts, bows, or capes that draw attention away from your torso. 

Doll It Up With Accessories

When in doubt, accessorize! Adding accessories to your outfit can help detract away from the parts you don’t want to be noticed. Aim for big, bold accessories like a thick scarf, sun hat, statement jewelry, and large purses, which can help even out your hips. Whatever accessory you choose, it will certainly help to individualize your style while masking what you don’t want to be seen. 

Cozy Up With Jeans And Leggings

Some types of jeans might feel a bit uncomfortable, but high-waisted jeans are suggested for those who are post-op as they offer comfort and can compliment your figure. Unlike other denim clothes, high-waisted jeans don’t dig into your curve and can cover your shape in a flattering way. Leggings are also a great fashion choice for scoliosis patients. They are comfortable, made of flexible, stretchy fabric, and can be easily layered. 

Treat Your Feet

Comfort is key here. You don’t want to wear shoes that could aggravate your spine in any way and leave you in pain. Avoid heels that are too high and shoes that are too flat. You want a small, lifted heel that offers cushion and support. If you do want to wear heels, wedge or platform heels are recommended as they put less stress on your spine. 

Feel Confident Underneath It All

The above suggestions are how to dress in public to feel confident, but what about during those intimate, private moments? Invest in some high-quality, sexy lingerie to help you feel confident in the bedroom. Finding the right size bra might seem tricky. 

For those with a curved spine, a bra brand could roll up or the straps may constantly fall down. A bra with a wide band can stop the band from rolling up. A longline bra that extends to your waist or a posture bra that supports your back can also help reduce discomfort.