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Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral Myocarditis: Filing a Worker’s Comp Claim for COVID-19

After experiencing COVID-19, you may also be suffering from a…
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After experiencing COVID-19, you may also be suffering from a condition called myocarditis. If this is the case for you, you may have a lot of questions about what to do moving forward. Though treatment depends on the severity of the inflammation and infection, there are ways to navigate this diagnosis and potentially receive workers’ compensation. Continue reading to understand how to apply for workers’ compensation during your recovery so that you can focus on feeling better and getting back to work in no time.

What is myocarditis?


To put it simply, myocarditis is explained by the Mayo Clinic as the inflammation of the heart muscle. This inflammation is commonly caused by a viral infection like COVID-19. Since myocarditis is a reality for many patients who have suffered from coronavirus, there are some key symptoms to look out for. Some of these symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, abnormal heartbeat or palpitations, fluid retention, and body aches. Though viral myocarditis may not appear to be a serious issue, some cases of myocarditis can cause heart failure, fainting, strokes, and heart attacks. If you’re interested in learning more about myocarditis research and more on viral myocarditis, check out the Myocarditis Foundation for medical education and information. If you have the symptoms of myocarditis after COVID-19, speak to your doctor. If you’re diagnosed, then workers’ compensation may be available to you while you recover.

Evaluate your eligibility.


Under normal circumstances, you can’t file for workers’ compensation insurance if you come down with a yearly cold or sickness. As of now, COVID-19 is deemed much more of a threat than influenza so much so that, this virus has prompted a pandemic and worldwide shut-down. However, if you’re considered an essential worker and you get sick on the job, this case is unique. For these particular reasons, certain states have expanded their workers’ compensation insurance to employees that get this viral infection. Keep in mind, this depends on a variety of factors including your job position. When you’re ready to file, you do some online research to review if your particular state is one that has expanded workers’ compensation for the pandemic. This way, you can determine if there’s a workers’ compensation law enacted in your state.

File a claim.


Once you’ve determined if your state allows you to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you can go ahead with filing. This workers’ compensation covers many things including your medical care, consultation rehabilitation, and medical treatment. You give your employer the appropriate paperwork and documentation of your injuries or illness, in this case, viral myocarditis that can be life-threatening. Then you file the claim with your state. If your state deems your condition eligible, you will receive workers’ compensation for the time needed to recover. All in all, these benefits help to lessen the burden of your medical bills due to a job injury or viral illness like COVID-19.

Hire an attorney.


There are plenty of reasons that you may need an attorney when applying for workers’ compensation. One specific reason is if your employer doesn’t offer workers’ compensation. Not offering this benefit due to a work-related injury or COVID-19 illness is actually illegal in some states. If you run into this problem or you have an incident that goes undocumented or unprocessed, get a worker’s comp attorney. Search for workers comp lawyer Raleigh NC when you’re ready to receive legal help with your claim. A personal injury attorney can assist you with your accident claim so that you get the compensation you deserve during your healing.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Bishop Law Firm in North Carolina will work with you and your case report personally so that you can receive your benefits and worry about getting better after conditions like myocarditis. In addition, they can assist with legal advice for other personal injury claims beyond COVID-19 related injuries. Overall, it’s the best way to ensure that you’re getting the appropriate care with your workers’ compensation case.