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Design Your Own Personalized Supplement Routine With VitaRx

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the…
a pile of pills

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the importance of our overall health and wellness. From taking care of our mental health to bettering our diet and exercise, it’s important to take an assessment of our well-being and find routines that work for us. This includes amping up vitamins and minerals that we may be struggling to absorb with the foods we eat. That’s where companies like VitaRx can help.

About VitaRx


The need to improve overall wellness on a daily basis is what has sent customers looking into the options provided at VitaRx works to help customers build from the ground up in creating a regimen for a healthy lifestyle while providing guidance to maintain that structure. It’s the development of Jesse Villanueva, who made the decision to start the company based on his own experience with malnutrition. Exhaustion from daily life and long hours on the job made Jesse realize the need to make some changes. After working with doctors and nutritionists, he discovered the need to better incorporate supplements to build himself back stronger.

Based out of his native Puerto Rico, Jesse sought to help those like him who may struggle with a poor diet and need an effective way to get their nutrients. A brief questionnaire is filled out, which will then recommend vitamins and supplements that will have the most positive effects on a customer’s daily life. People’s needs change, so consumers are able to tweak and customize their kits as recommendations suggest.

What’s in the Kit?


What’s in the kit is determined based on the health goals of each customer and what they list in a questionnaire laid out by VitaRx for quick submission. These kits are sent out every 30 days in a beautiful dispenser box that contains 30 daily kits. These will contain the right supplements for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for better immune support, you may look to get vitamin C in your daily routine during the winter months when you’re more susceptible to the cold or flu. However, you may seek supplements with potassium to boost regulatory practices during other times of the year.

The kit changes only if you make the changes. VitaRx will make recommendations to change the packages that you may receive at the front door. Also, the questionnaire is by no means mandatory. If you know what vitamins you want to make a part of your regimen, you can pick what goes into the daily vitamin pack from the catalogue online. The supplements are FDA-approved and of the highest quality to make sure that only the best vitamins and minerals are being absorbed by users.

Comparing Costs


You may be wondering why it’s better to sign up for VitaRx than to head to your local pharmacy to stock up on supplements. That’s because you’ll actually save by signing up for regular delivery than you will having to search for discounted vitamins, compromising quality for what you are taking. For starters, the prices beat what it would cost to buy in retail bottles. Plus, it saves you from having to drive to a retailer to purchase the products only to find that they don’t have the mineral formula you’re looking for.

Your vitamins may be more likely to just sit stagnant in a medicine cabinet, but if you are getting a daily kit sent to you, you may be more apt to take those supplements and boost your immune system. Knowing that you are getting the best quality at a discounted rate is enough reason to sign up, but you are benefitted further by no hidden fees each month. Before you know it, your daily diet will get the boost it needs.