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Common Exclusions From Pet Insurance

As a new pet owner, you’ve probably heard all about…
a dog wearing a watch

As a new pet owner, you’ve probably heard all about pet parents who purchase health insurance for their puppy. However, many pet parents wonder if it’s worth the money and whether it’s actually a practical use of their hard-earned paychecks. It’s critical when choosing pet insurance that you choose the coverage that covers your pet the best, or it really isn’t worth it.

While a lot is covered with a pet insurance policy, pet insurers don’t cover everything, just as human health insurance doesn’t. This is why it’s important for you to do your research, compare policies, and choose the right pet insurance policy to meet your needs. Make sure that you compare pet insurance online to determine what is the best option, as every pet insurer is different and has different rates.

There are quite a few exclusions when it comes to pet insurance. If you’re not sure what those exclusions are, read on below for a few of the most common to be revealed.

Pre-existing Conditions


This exclusion includes any condition that your pet had before you decided to purchase pet insurance. This also excludes any conditions or accidents that occur before the end of your policy’s waiting period as well. For example, if you’re out walking your pooch and your pup runs after one of his local furry friends and is hit by a car, the insurance will not cover treatment because you were in your waiting period.

Regardless of the insurance policy, to prevent your pup from being struck by a car when out on a walk, it’s best to purchase a good quality dog harness or a strap and leash from A Joyride harness will ensure your pet is safe when you’re out and about. Make sure that the Joyride harness you choose isn’t too tight and that it fits your pup comfortably before setting out on your walk together for full peace of mind for your family member with the wagging tail.

Preventative or Everyday Care


Pet insurance also may not include the day-to-day services or preventative care that stops your animals from getting sick either. These exclusions mean that preventive vet visits, foods prescribed by the vet, or nail trimming aren’t covered. If you need to have your dog groomed or seen by a vet to prevent disease, this may not covered by your pet insurance policy.



Trips to the groomer for baths, nail trimming or anything to do with keeping your pet well-groomed and their fur healthy is also not covered with a pet insurance policy. Grooming is not considered to be a medical necessity. If your dog or cat needs frequent grooming, you’ll have to work that into your family budget or do the deed at home instead. It is possible to groom your pup at home, you just need to know how to do it the proper way.

Hereditary Conditions


Hereditary conditions may not be covered either. Some dogs and cats are prone to certain conditions and they are genetically transferred. For example, some large breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, are genetically inclined to develop hip dysplasia. If you know that your cat or dog has a hereditary condition, then you’ll need to work that into your family budget as well so that he can be treated for the pain and the condition itself.

Should you purchase pet insurance?


The question of whether you should purchase pet insurance or not is one that can only be answered by you. Do your research, compare rates on different policies, and then come to an informed decision as to whether it’s worth it for you and your pet.

These are just a few common exclusions that you should expect if you’re considering purchasing pet insurance for your fur baby. Remember, this type of insurance isn’t for every family. Is it for yours?