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5 Tips For Managing Your Own Health

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced…
a person doing a handstand on a rock

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to think more about our health, and what we have to do to stay healthy. There is a difference, however, between the avoidance of getting sick, and maintaining good health. The latter is more about keeping the body in a fit enough condition that illnesses are less likely to affect you.

A healthy dose of vitamins, whether you get them from food or in the form of natural supplements, and an appropriate amount of exercise is paramount in this day and age. Though the Coronavirus is still present in the United States, and indeed worldwide, there is still plenty of room to concentrate on what makes up our bodies, and make sure that all parts are in full working order.

Before continuing, it must be stated that there will be suggestions of supplements and dosages of vitamins within this list. However, never ingest anything without consulting a Doctor or Health Care Provider first. Whilst there shouldn’t be an expectation of any side effects, the possibility of an allergic reaction, no matter how tiny, should always be considered. One quick call or chat to someone who can best advise you, is not going to hurt!

With that being said, here are five tips for managing your own health.

1. Use common sense, when thinking of your senses.

It is a common misconception that human beings have only five senses, when in actual fact we have more. But for the purposes of this tip, it is of the main five that will be the focus here: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Much has been made of the last two senses in recent months, as a loss of taste and smell is a symptom of COVID-19. Needless to say, if you notice a change in either your ability to taste or smell, then don’t delay in seeking medical advice.

But whilst taste and smell are linked, the senses altogether are how we interact with the world. A problem with one or multiple senses could be a small problem that needs sorting, or indicative of a bigger issue altogether.


Our eyes are very important, and any changes to vision must be followed up with a trip to the optometrist. It can be something very simple as a slight change in prescription, which can be fixed with glasses. Generally speaking, changes to vision are normally related to the eyes alone and don’t suggest a cause to other health conditions. However, sight problems are a symptom of diabetes, as well as with touch. Diabetic neuropathy is a problem with the nerve endings in limbs resulting from high blood sugar levels, as not enough insulin is produced by the liver to break food molecules down into lower blood sugar amounts. Similarly, diabetes affects a patient’s eyesight, as the optic nerves are affected in the same way. To reiterate, changes in these senses are usually following other health conditions, so if there have been any changes to touching or sight, then don’t worry, but do speak to a Doctor.

2. Keep an ear on your hearing.

One sense that you can have a little bit of control over is your hearing. Whilst hearing loss can be caused by a variety of issues, tinnitus does not have anyone cause, and can lead to plenty of other problems. Tinnitus is the presence of unwanted sounds, usually described as a ringing, rushing, or buzzing in the inner ear. Whilst a cure is not yet found, the cause of your tinnitus can be loud noises near the ear or neurological problems caused by head trauma. Tinnitus can lead to side effects of nausea, headaches, and even dizziness, as well as disrupting sleep and causing mental health problems as a result.


There are remedies for tinnitus, in lieu of a cause, however, such as Phytage Lab’s Tinnitus 911 Walmart and various other grocery stores have for sale. Comprised of natural ingredients such as folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, hawthorn berry, garlic essence, and green tea extract as standard, Phytage Labs have put together a herbal remedy in the form of capsules that calms the nervous system and alleviates panic attacks, as well as those unwanted sounds that accompany tinnitus.

On a related note, Phytage Labs have phytoceramide-based skin supplements and probiotic gastrointestinal supplements available too, both are very useful in maintaining good health.

3. Live-a-little longer, with good liver health.

The liver’s incredibly important role in the body’s digestive system is to remove toxins from your bloodstream, as well as creating enzymes to break down other acids and proteins. Whilst treatable, liver problems must be done so with haste, or else they can lead to further liver damage or liver conditions. Liver function is a fundamental part of good health, and so it is important to keep on top of any liver conditions before they arise.

When a liver does not function as it should, bilirubin is released causing a yellowing appearance of the skin, known as jaundice. If you or anyone makes you aware that you have jaundice, then arrange for liver function tests at the earliest opportunity.


That said, it is possible to care for the liver before any problems surface, with dosages of supplements such as milk thistle supplement for liver, which is also available from Walmart and other supermarkets. Silybum Marianum, which is the scientific name for organic milk thistle, has significant positive effects on keeping the liver healthy and prevents damage caused by free radicals, by acting as an antioxidant. Doctor Danielle’s Liver Assist Supplement with Milk Thistle Extract is one such example of a supplement that uses natural ingredients to help the liver remove toxins, and keep this all-important organ working as it should.

4. How’s your food and drink?

There is no comparison to a good, balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water. Fruit and vegetables are always a great source of vitamins, which is why it’s recommended that you have five a day. As well as keeping high cholesterol at bay, a high vitamin diet can be an effective treatment for many health issues before they even surface. If there is a lack of fruit and veg available, then supplements can be a very good, short term, solution. Similarly, it’s suggested that a person should drink a glass of water eight times a day.

It may be surprising to find that there are different types of water, and can also be of significant difference to your health. Water types, comprise of hard water and soft water. The former has a high mineral and chemical content and is found in 85% of North America’s water supply, whilst the latter is filtered to have these extra contaminants removed. Bottled water, such as that available from Canadian Springs, is water from a natural underground water source and is filled with minerals but not chemicals. If that is not to your taste, they also offer distilled water (for cooking and hot beverages), and demineralized (sans any additions) water, both in bottled form.

But Canadian Springs also offer water filtration services that attach to your existing water supply, which removes all of the contaminants that are added to municipal water, before it comes out of the tap. By turning the home’s hard water into soft water, you can have your eight glasses safe in the knowledge that it is increased in purity.

5. Exercise your body, soul, and brain.

To most of us, exercise is almost a dirty word! The mere suggestion of it sends shivers down our spines, and our imaginations conjure up images of sweatbands and shorts, and constant running. The good news is that exercise does not have to be quite so taxing, and in fact, a little bit goes a long way to reduce the risk factors of many health issues developing in the future. Little changes to our routines, in tandem with a good diet (as mentioned above), can be a big difference maker to issues like high cholesterol, high blood sugar which can lead to diabetes and even heart disease. Try walking to work instead of driving, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and if you listen to a playlist with all of your favorite tracks as you do these things, then you won’t even realize you are exercising.

Before all of this, it would serve you incredibly well to take care of all of your stressors and admin first. Business days are to be filled with work, but holidays are not. Mental health is coming to the forefront of the public consciousness with good reason, as one’s mental state has an impact on physical health too. Exercise will help you manage your mental health too, but it’s a good idea to take care of all of the other issues going on in your life. Get on top of your workload, or ask for help if any should be delegated. Homeowners should get that roof fixed, or that fencing put back up. Call that relative or that friend that you keep intending to. Regardless of whether you need a plumber in Las Vegas, Nevada, or an insurance agency in Hoboken, NJ, now is the time to work your way through your to-do list and form an intervention on your stressors. The health benefits are abundantly rewarding.