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5 Tips for Buying Your First Home After a Wedding

Your first few years as a newlywed are some of…
aerial view of a neighborhood

Your first few years as a newlywed are some of the best of your life. Whether you dated for years before the big day or headed straight from your first date down the aisle to the altar, the honeymoon period after you’ve said your vows is pretty amazing. You and your fiancé probably put a lot of planning into your big day, too. You made a wedding planning checklist and discussed everything from vendors like a DJ or videographer to the guest list and gifts for the wedding party with your wedding planner.

Now that your wedding day is over, the caterer and florist have been paid, and your gown is back in the closet, you may be thinking about how to buy a new home. Well, there’s a checklist for that as well. Before you take a look at real estate listings, read on for some tips.

1. Buy a place to grow into.


You and your new spouse may be a family of two on the day after your wedding day, but that may change soon enough. Whether that means adopting a pup or kitty or having kids of your own, you need to think about how your family will be growing as you look for a home. This is a good chance to chat with your new spouse about family expectations if you didn’t do so while he was your fiancé, too. How many bedrooms will you need? Does either of you plan to work from home at any point? This will determine how many bedrooms you need if you want a yard, and even what kind of internet plan you’ll be looking for.

2. Get excellent Wi-Fi and phone services.

If you are running a business out of your home, you’ll want great Wi-Fi, as well as some form of caller ID that allows you to know who a caller is before you pick up the phone. After all, a home office needs to avoid scams as well, whether you and your new spouse are authors, florists, caterers, or any other type of entrepreneur. Avoid scammers by getting a phone service for your home office that lets you know who called you before you pick up the phone, even if you don’t recognize the phone number.

3. Invest in furniture and accessories you’ll love for a while.


You may have loved your second-hand sofa while you were living with family members or roommates, but now that you have your marriage license, it’s time to move on. Even if it means that you have to buy one piece at a time, make sure that everything you bring into your new home is exactly what you want it to be. After all, you’re not just buying a place to sit or eat; you’re filling a home with chairs, linens, and accessories that define who your family is. Consider having engagement photos framed and hung on the wall, maybe with place cards from your big day as well.

4. Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

It may seem like everyone you see on social media has found their perfect forever home in no time, but that’s not true. All over the United States, people are (or should be) taking their time when it comes to finding the right place. Make sure that you’re sure before putting down a down payment. Do your due diligence, have a proper inspection done on the home, and make sure that you can afford any necessary renovations. Remember, you’ll be living here for a long time, so you want the peace of mind you made the right choice.

5. Consider the location.


Ok, so you considered the location of your destination wedding or reception venue, but now that your wedding dress is dry-cleaned and in storage, you need to apply that savvy to your home as well. Are you planning on having kids? Then it would help if you looked into what school district you’re buying in. Do you or your spouse commute to work? Ensure you live near public transport or the highway, but not too close that you suffer from the noise? Are you religious? Make sure you’re near a church, synagogue, or any other house of worship. Take into account your personal information as you decide about your home’s location.

Buying a new home can be scary, but it can also be exciting. Now that your wedding night is behind, you think of another big day on the horizon—the day you walk into your own home with your love by your side for the first time.