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5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Storm Chaser

Storm chasers are a special breed of scientists. They are…
a large storm with a hurricane

Storm chasers are a special breed of scientists. They are the meteorological researchers who head towards dangerous conditions to study weather anomalies. These men and women are made of stern stuff and bring years’ worth of experience and education to shedding light on this often turbulent weather occurrence.

When you become a storm chaser though, there are things which you’ll need to learn. These tips of the trade will keep a storm chaser safe and ready to tackle any weather obstacles which fall in their path. Check out some tips on becoming a successful storm chaser.

1. Insurance


When you purchase a vehicle, you’re going to need protection of some sort. It helps to consult an insurance agent once you buy a new car, so you can find insurance that can fit inside your budget, and gives you the best coverage possible. When you decide to take your first step towards becoming a storm chaser, finding coverage protection is going to be important. Your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle is going to be your primary mode of transportation for getting from storm to storm. You need to ensure that it has the required coverages for maintaining this type of career. Check with your agent about what types of coverages you need as a storm chaser. For instance, will you receive emergency assistance if your car gets stuck in the middle of a storm? Do you need liability coverage? Checking with an agent about your different auto coverage options can be extremely helpful in the long run.

Look into other types of protection also. These might include travel insurance, medical insurance (health insurance), or even life coverage. Storm chasing can be a dangerous profession, and it helps to have protection on all fronts. Medical insurance can ensure that, if you have to go to a hospital for any injuries sustained while storm chasing, your treatment will be taken care of. Travel insurance can help to keep your items covered in the case that you lose them or they are stolen while you’re traveling. Travel insurance also provides overseas emergency medical assistance. This insurance comes in handy as you travel across the world chasing storms.

Life insurance can help your family with any funeral expenses on the off chance that you lose your life while on the hunt for storms. Though that may seem a bit morbid, it helps to know that your loved ones will be taken care of with this type of coverage. Obtaining many forms of insurance is key for being a successful storm chaser.

2. Base of Operations

In between chasing storms, you’re going to want to have a location where you can go to compile your data, and research past and upcoming storms. This is when it helps to have a base of operations. You can use your own home, or maybe even a building that you lease for your storm chasing needs. Your vehicle will definitely be a traveling storm chasing meteorology lab, so to speak, but having a set location where you can head to after weeks of storm chasing is a good idea. Make sure your lab includes the latest storm chasing tools, including a place where you can perform experiments if needed. You’ll also want to make sure your base of operations adheres to meterology lab design standards. This means that this building has been designed and manufactured for accurate temperature control purposes. Such a design will come in handy as you run experiments to replicate the storm conditions which you’ll encounter in the field.

3. Dependable Vehicle


You’re going to need to equip yourself with a well-running vehicle in order to be a storm chaser. Whether you’re looking at a car dealership in Medina, OH, or a used car shop in Akron, OH, you’ll want a vehicle that is dependable, and durable. You’re going to be chasing storm forecasts which include a bit of rough weather. You want to make sure that you can be able to conduct your atmospheric research on the run in a vehicle that won’t break down on you. Find an SUV like a GMC Sierra that can get you from one rough storm area to the other. Make sure it’s under warranty with a dealership so that your SUV does need repairs, that you can receive them at no additional costs.

4. Cell Phone

You’ll want to invest in the best cellular phone that you can find when becoming a storm chaser. After you run atmospheric research at your weather station, you’re going to test your theories and hypotheses in the field. While doing this you’ll want to stay connected to the outside world when in the case of an emergency. This is where having a quality cell phone and good coverage helps.

5. Patience


As a storm chaser, you’ll need a healthy dose of patience. Forecasts for storms don’t pop up every day and sometimes happen infrequently due to climate change. Just do your best to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to chase some storms.