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5 Effective Ways to Attract Clients to Your Salon

Salons were so popular in the ’70s. Beauty shops and…
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Salons were so popular in the ’70s. Beauty shops and barbershops were a place to socialize and get your hair done once a week. Back then there was no social media or Youtube full of DIYers showing the world how to create beautiful hairstyles by themselves. In reality, it takes skill to perfect these styles so clients still end up going to salons for one-time wear hairstyles for special occasions like proms and weddings. The big question is, how do you get these clients to become repeat customers and bring their friends along with them?

Create Incentives for Existing Clients

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? The key is to make the giveaway items hair-related. This could be anything from shampoo samples to clip-in bangs. A thoughtful giveaway like clip-in bangs can encourage your current clientele to be more creative about their look, and even branch out into new territory. If they realize they look cute in bangs, they will want to know more about your hair and fashion ideas. The better the incentive, the more clients will come in. The best part is, gifted items bought in bulk are cheaper. Even though they cost money, the business brought in from the give away will counteract the loss.

Special Offers

Special offers work well for big box stores, so why not try them out for your salons? Offering discounts on styling products can ensure that your regular customers will always return to buy their favorite shampoo instead of buying knock offs sold in stores. Buy one, get one offers brings in two customers instead of one! This can be a great way to add new clients to your appointment books. This offer appeals to social butterflies who don’t like going to the salon alone. If you offer specials like 20% off your next haircut or a rewards program where you can get something free when you spend a certain amount of money customers will definitely return.

Social Media Campaign

Everyone is on social media these days. If you have a special skill or talent you should definitely showcase it on social media. Create an enticing business page all on the major social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to exhibit your true talents! Videos showcasing hair dying skills, up-dos, and even braiding are more widely watched on social media than pictures alone. Live videos are also popular because they are unedited, your audience can see the reality of your talents and how they can benefit their hair.

Local Marketing Campaign

When you own a small business, the goal of your marketing campaign should be to reach the community surrounding a five-mile radius of your business. You can reach your community with easy by using tools like ads in local newspapers, direct mailers with coupons, or ringless voicemail drops from StraticsNetworks. Voicemail drops are great for reaching your community without them feeling pressured by speaking to a live person.

Local Events

Make your business a community household name by becoming an active member of local events. You can do this by sponsoring local sports teams, committing to charitable events or setting up a booth in a local flea market. Charities that help the homeless, such as Dress for Success, are always looking for volunteer hairdressers to help people who can not afford hair cuts look presentable for job interviews.

Always put your best foot forward when it comes to customer service. If a customer is unhappy with their hair offer solutions that can help them feel better about their hairstyle choices. Don’t let your customers out of the door without appealing to their needs. Word of mouth is the best way to become a household name in your community and bad reviews are read more frequently than the good ones. Get your business name out there and the way you convey customer relations will surely make your business thrive.