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4 Ideas for Staging Display Homes

You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Nothing comes to a…
a kitchen with a table and chairs

You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream,” and nothing could be truer when trying to sell your home. If you think merely putting your home up for sale is good enough to get it off the market quickly, you’re sadly mistaken. It usually takes at least three months to close on a home from the time it hits the market, and in some cases, it can even take a year or longer.

When you’re trying to sell homes in a subdivision that’s currently being built, it’s great to have a finished product for prospective homebuyers to view. A display home is a great way to show prospective buyers what features they can look forward to in their own homes should they purchase one. Furthermore, a display house gives you the opportunity to sell homes before their even completed. Continue to get some staging tips that will make your job much easier.

1. Beautiful curb appeal intrigues potential buyers.


It’s a fact that most people do at least a portion of their shopping online these days. Even people who don’t shop online like to research products, especially expensive ones, online before making a decision to check them out in person. Even with that being the case, you should concentrate on curb appeal because that’s your opportunity to lure passersby.

One of the great things about display homes is that you can embellish it a little since it’s merely for display. You should consider hiring a professional landscaper to turn the front yard into a work of art that makes people stop and stare.

Something as simple as putting a stone path down that cuts through the front yard to a flower bed or patio is a great way to set the front yard apart from others. It’s also critical to keep the lawn well-manicured at all times. You want people to think of enjoying the yard when they see it rather than imagining what it would be like to have to mow the lawn.

2. A minimalistic master bedroom is more aesthetically pleasing.


The master bedroom is the most important bedroom in the house and one of the key deciding factors people consider when pondering a new home. That means your goal should be to make your master bedroom look as if it’s waiting for its new occupants.

If you want people to see themselves in the master bedroom of your display home, you should go all out by putting a memory foam full-size mattress in it. Undoubtedly, people will want to sit or lay on the bed just to imagine what it would be like if the room were actually theirs. You should also get a bedroom set that matches the bed frame for your full bed.

The benefit of going with a full size mattress over a king-size bed or California King is that the full bed will make the room appear larger whereas a king-size bed or California King may make the room appear cramped.

It’s important to do your research to find the ideal choice for your budget, and you also need to make sure the bed is proportionate to the room size. The smaller rooms will likely be for children, so you might want to consider putting up bunk beds or twin beds in them.

Ultimately, you want to make your display home look like it’s fully furnished and waiting on the perfect family. Believe it or not, the way you furnish your display home has a lot to do with how buyers perceive the homes that are actually for sale. So, furnish your display home as if you were doing it for your own family.

3. Stock the home with space-saving storage items.


One of the main things people look for in a new home is storage space. You should invest in space-saving items for the closets in your display home. When people open the closets, you want them to see a closet full of well-packed and stored belongings so they can see for themselves how they can maximize the space in their home.

4. Host an open house event.


Hosting an open house is a great way to get multiple potential buyers to view your display home at one time. However, an open house also provides a great opportunity for prospective neighbors to meet and greet. If there are bonds made at your open house, it could lead to multiple buyers being interested in the homes you’re selling.