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3 Businesses You Can Run From a Storage Unit

If you’re thinking of starting your own business but don’t…
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If you’re thinking of starting your own business but don’t want to use your home to launch your business from, a professional location where you can work uninterrupted and have room to grow is what you need. If you’re not in the position, however, to take out a lease and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for office space, then a cost-effective solution is to rent a self-storage unit to run your business from. There are many different types of businesses that can be run from a self-storage facility. For some ideas on what types of business you can operate from a storage unit, have a look below. 

Online Retail Business

If you have an online retail store and you need a small space to run your business from, a self-storage unit is an ideal place to manage your Ecommerce store. If you frequently order goods in bulk for your Ecommerce store from an online liquidator, like Direct liquidations that sell Walmart liquidations as well as liquidated goods from other big-name retailers, you’ll need a safe place to store your goods. Storage facilities are safe and secure locations where you can have peace of mind storing your goods. 

A storage unit is also a practical place to pack and ship online orders from because many storage facilities sell packing supplies on-site. By buying all your packing and shipping supplies from your self-storage facility you can streamline your packing and shipping process because you won’t have to worry about storing packing and shipping materials yourself. 

Professional Photography Business

If you’re looking for a place to set up a professional photo studio, consider using a storage unit. Professional photo studios can be created in any space. With proper backdrops and the right lighting, it’ll be impossible to tell that your photos were taken from a storage unit. Once you get all your equipment set up, you may even have enough room for a desk to edit photos from, depending on the size of your unit. Additionally, you can add a few décor’ items to create a warm and inviting feel. The goal, in the end, should be to make the space inside your storage unit functional and welcoming for clients.

Second-hand Shop

Some self-storage facilities allow renters to use their storage units to run second-hand stores. A storage unit is a great place to run a second-hand shop, because not only is it cheaper than renting commercial retail space, but it can easily be transformed into a space that functions just like any other retail store, as well. By adding shelves, racks, and tables to display goods on, as well as some decorations and a cash register near the entrance you’ll be ready to welcome customers.


Storage units are practical and inexpensive locations to run businesses from. The above are just some of the businesses you can run from a 20 to 30-meter storage unit. By using a storage unit you never have to worry about finding space in your home to manage your business or spend money to rent expensive office space. Keep in mind though, every facility has policies and safety measures so be sure to educate yourself on what they are and follow them.

If you’d like to use a storage unit to run your business, you can use resources like SelfStorageFinders to find a storage unit. Sites of this nature offer an online storage directory with access to real-time pricing and availability information from more than 10,000 facilities nationwide and can be used to help you find affordable self storage units in San Diego  or in nearby cities.